Kickass torrents, apprehended

Well, as most users of the internet know, torrent files are very popular. It is a source of downloading any latest movie, series, games or anything you’ve not been able to enjoy for whatever reason, for free. You have seeders and leechers on the torrent pages, who upload and dowload that content respectively.

Kickass torrents is probably the biggest player in the torrent world. There has been a recent decline in the use of torrent websites with the introduction on netflix and amazon video who provide the same at a minimal cost of subscriptioj or otherwise. But despite this decline, Kickass has managed to have visitors of around 50 million each month and close to 141 billion approximately, every year. In ad revenue alone, they make $17 billion annually.

Over the past years, Kickass has recieved many takedown notices from hollywood and others, which it nonchalantly dismissed with a reply of unreal and unprecedented demands. This was certainly to catch the eye of Law. Artem Vaulin, from Kharkiv, Ukraine alleged to be the owner of Kickass Torrents was apprehended in Poland and the website was taken down. This arrest was made on behalf of the US and was asked to be extradited to the same. Vaulin is to be charged with 2 criminal conspiracy charges namely, conspiracy to commit copyright infringement for which the inmprisonment is 5 years and conspiracy to commit money laundering for which the imprisonment is 20 years; if convicted, that is.

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