Ed Sheeran sued $20 million for 2014 hit, ‘Photograph’

Looks like Ed Sheeran’s very popular hit from 2014, Photograph has landed amidst a copyright battle.

The lawsuit was filed  in the LA federal court claiming that X Factor winner, Matt Cardle’s his 2012 song, ‘Amazing’ is the original from which Ed Sheeran’s song has been copied. The suit state that the similarities go beyond substantial and the chorus of Photograph has 39 notes identical to that of Cardle’s song. The plaintiffs claim that the defendants were already aware of Cardle’s song whilst the making of Photograph.

Co-writer Snow Patrol’s Johnny McDaid, and Sony/ATV Songs, Warner Music and Polar Patrol Music Publishing are the other defendants besides Sheeran who will be defending Photograph in court.

The similar parts of both the songs have been transcribed to make it more apparent and evident in court. Songwriters Harrington and Leonard claim that the defendants have received “career-defining accolades, awards, and a fortune” with the hit song, while they have received nothing. Considering which the court may reward a hefty compensation if the case goes in their favor.

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