Facebook wins Trademark case in China’s Highest Court

Facebook has taken its case to the highest Court of China against drinks compay, Zhongshan Pearl River Drinks Factory.

Zhongshan is alleged to have trademarked its product after the world’s most popular social networking brand-name, Facebook in 2014. At the point where the case reached the Court, it brought to light the Chinese law which said that any globally famous brand had to prove in court that it is well known in China as well. Facebook has benn fighting against the strict censoring laws of China whoc blocked about 700m users in China from Facebook. Unblocking it would have it subjected to China’s draconian laws on censoring which were followed by linkedIn and other networking sites alike.

Facebook argued that desppite being blocked, users in China have been able to use facebook through illegeal virtual private networks; VPNs which could circumvent the firewall. Moreover, Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg are very popular among the Chinese public due to his many attmpts like trying to master the Chinese language, meeting China’s chief censor and walked through Tiananmen square on polluted day.

The Court ruled against the Chinese food and drinks company.


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